Your data knows

Risk Assessment Report.

Identify potential in-bound threats before a malicious actor has the chance to invoke “Command & Control.”

Data-centric visibility.

Each data transaction is unique and contains the forensic assets required to build a data-centric view of your business. Every database transaction is processed and all events recorded. By focusing on the complete transaction, data activities and the full context in which they occur are captured.

All assets are extracted in each database transaction, billions of times per day. By analyzing the entire pool, baselines are established and false alarms are eliminated. By automating the harvesting of these key building blocks, the strongest data-centric audit and protection posture possible is created.

Assets are indexed upon extraction and compared to every asset ever witnessed. Changes, including methods and behaviors, are detected immediately and relationships linked. Automated indexing allows users to easily search for any event in plain English and retrieve it instantly.

Data is growing faster than your perimeter and policies can’t keep up with the usage. Data is also constantly transposed by business processes across multiple silos. Datiphy cross-silo policy management creates visibility to any breaches, regardless of where they take place.

Data Assets
Asset Indexing

Breach to discovery gap.

A database breach is inevitable, so knowing exactly when, where and how it is happening is critical. With traditional monitoring methods many silos and gaps exist, allowing breaches to inflict damage for months before being discovered. With Datiphy, customers can for the first time see their entire data life cycle and who is engaging it. Every data asset from billions of transactions each day is sequenced to reveal relationships, behaviors, and methods.

Brand reputation.

When database breach details are reported in the media, organizations struggle to know exactly what has been taken. Credibility is lost when you can’t provide detailed answers on the scope of the breach. This is the root impact of when your data has been compromised: you’ve lost control. With Datiphy, organizations will know exactly what data has been accessed the moment it occurs and have the framework in place to stop the attack.